SUYA- Ghana's Favourite Street Food!

SUYA- Ghana's Favourite Street Food!

When you arrive in Accra one of the first things you notice is the vast assortment of street vendors selling just about everything!

Food vendors are dotted all over the city and surrounding areas selling things like boiled eggs, fresh coconuts , bread, fried plantain, bofrot (puff puff) delicious hot donuts, waakye (pronounced waa-che) amongst many other delicious treats.


 Puff Puff Stall.

Then there is SUYA, generally made with beef or chicken on skewers  innards such as kidney, liver and tripe are also used. The thinly sliced meat is marinated in various spices which include peanuts and then barbecued over an open fire.

This is the bases for my SUYA GOLD range, I use an authentic blend of many spices and peanuts to recreate this amazing flavour and aroma. My blends also contain the very special "grains of Selim" Xylopia aethiopica from Ghana which is a native African Pepper pod and adds a very unique flavour of pepper, nutmeg & cloves.


You won't get this vibrant atmosphere and vast array of street food anywhere else. The freshness and the variety of food available at any of Accra's many markets is breathtaking, the sounds, the smells and the vivid colours are very intoxicating.

 Me at Makola one of Accra's biggest markets.


If you cant get to Ghana any time soon, grab some Suya Gold and experience the authentic taste of West Africa.




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