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"Suya Gold" Spices Blends & West African Food & Culture

Akwaaba (welcome) to my blog!

I will be sharing with you more about my "Suya Gold" seasonings and other products , how my spice blends were created and the culture of West African cuisine that inspired them. I will also share some great recipes to get you cooking with Suya spice blends.

I come from Accra the capital of Ghana in West Africa where the streets are full of vendors selling everything you can imagine, from clocks, to board games, paintings and even coffins! 

And then there's the food, boiled eggs, plantain chips, coconuts, tiger nuts, delicious Bofrot (Ghanian doughnuts), and countless other street food vendors selling a range of dishes and meats, one of the most popular being SUYA!

Suya is a popular spicy meat skewer, it can be made with chicken seasoning, beef rubs, and many different types of meat, Ita a nutty, spicy, aromatic blend of spices that I have recreated in my Suya Gold range.

I have Suya Gold, original which can be used on poultry, meat fish and vegetables, a Suya Gold rub for use on beef brisket, pork ribs dry rub, beef ribs, a Fire blend for extra kick and perfect as a spicy chicken seasoning, Smoke blends for chicken, beef, pork, ribs, steak etc. Then some more specific blends for pork, pulled pork, pork ribs, pork roast, etc. A chicken seasoning blend for any chicken or poultry. A lamb blend for any cut of lamb or any game meat.

Coming up,  I will be talking about Jollof rice and sharing some more detailed recipes to get the best out of my spice blends.


Medasse (thank you)


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