Roasted Pork Loin with Baked Apple. SUYA GOLD PORK SPICE RUB

1 rolled pork loin
4 apples
Olive oil
Apple Cider
Place pork loin in fridge overnight uncovered, rub the scored skin with salt, rub the underside with olive oil, not the skin. smother with SUYA GOLD PORK SPICE RUB and lots of salt all over.
Place pork in a cast iron or similar baking dish, preferably on a trivet, cut the apples in half and sprinkle with a little Suya Gold PORK rub and a pinch of cinnamon and nutmeg and some olive oil. Pour the apple cider into the dish and bake initially at high heat 250 c for 15 mins , reduce temperature to 180 and cook for a further 40 mins or so until internal temperature is 71c, if the cracking isn't crisp, turn oven back on high until it is. 
Rest for a few minutes before slicing.
This dish can also be done on a BBQ rotisserie as above and have the dish with the apples and cider under the pork.