I have handcrafted a very special blend of pure spices that are popular in my home country, Ghana and other parts of West Africa. Available now to be shipped all over Australia and from selected retail partners . "Suya Gold" is my special recipe for the very popular "Suya" street food typically made with skewered spicy meats cooked over coal.

Carefully handcrafted to compliment a variety of tastes, meats and poultry.

NO added MSG, No added salt,  no added sugar (except rib rub & Sobolo), no cheap fillers, vegan, gluten free and all natural.


Ghana Chai now available, handcrafted Chai featuring the very special "grains of Selim" Native African Pepper Pods. 


SOBOLO Spiced hibiscus drink kit.

Delicious handcrafted SOBOLO spiced hibiscus drink kit with eveything you need to make authentic SOBOLO, just add water.

SOBOLO is a very popular drink in Ghana, its very tasty and refreshing, with a hint of spice, serve icy cold. Uplifting & refreshing. Enjoy!